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    Cleaning policy

      For our Housekeeping we have set the following procedures and standards to ensure a secure and healthy environment for our guests and staff members

      - We wash hands as much as possible

      - We keep 1.5 meter distance at all times

      - We wear gloves and renew them as much as possible

      - Wearing masks is not mandatory, however when our employees prefer to wear a mask they may do so.

      - We disinfect the cleaning equipment and other tools we use throughout the day

      - Trolleys are not advised in most of the hotels due to narrow corridors, this allows guests and employees to pass each other safely. 

      - Stay over service will only be provided when the guest requests this at the reception. Service will only be given when guests are not present in the room. 

      - Paper materials like guest directories and magazines are removed from the room and if required a new directory is given upon check in and discarded when left by the guest. 

      - Cloths, sponges and mops are replaced after cleaning every room and should be placed after use in a separate rubbish bag

      - We leave rooms empty for a minimum of 12 to 24 hours after check out, before cleaning it

      - We always disinfect the door handles when going in and out of the room

      - Linen is placed in a linen trolley immediately when stripping the room, when we use a separate linen trolley, the trolley is placed inside the room. It will not be left in the corridor. 

      - A disinfection round is done during the final check of the room with disinfecting product. All touch points are treated thoroughly

      - The room is sealed in order to not disrupt the disinfected room prior to guests checking in. 

      - The public areas are disinfected every 60 to 120 minutes. This included public toilets

      - The elevator will be disinfected every 2 hours

      - Sign off sheets are provided and checked on a daily basis.