Scandinavian Design

Hotel Pontsteiger welcomes you to an atmosphere that combines rugged industrial elements with warm, inviting accents. This establishment expresses a sophisticated and creative ambiance that perfectly complements the character of the building. Pontsteiger, a symbol of strength, mirrors the sun with its facade that ranges from lush green to a golden glow. These colors and materials are reflected in the Scandinavian interior of the hotel. Immerse yourself in the refined ambiance of Hotel Pontsteiger!


Hotel Pontsteiger is located on the ground floor of the modern state-of-the-art Pontsteiger building. This impressive 90-meter-high structure stands proudly on the banks of the IJ. Pontsteiger plays a significant role in the transformation of the Houthavens, once the arrival point for cargo ships unloading their timber a century ago. From the pier, the hotel, and some rooms, you can enjoy a panoramic view of IJ River.